Wir machen Appetit

… und das schon seit über 80 Jahren!

Exemplary Quality,
Trustworthiness and Vast Experience

Everyone has to eat. But by no means does everyone have the time and opportunity to conjure up delicious meals from fresh ingredients. So what can be done when hunger calls for hearty meat dishes that taste just as good as Mama’s great Sunday dinners?

The answer is simple. You open a SIMON tin of meat, heat up the contents, arrange it prettily on a plate — and then “Enjoy!”

How about vegetarian?

Of course, we offer our meatless variations for all those who do not like meat, but do not want to pass up the delicious dishes from Simon.

Did you know this?

Here are some things worth knowing about Simon and other interesting facts.


More than 80 years of delicious traditional dishes

Many of our favourite dishes from classic cuisine take a lot of time and work to prepare, so they tend to make rather rare appearances on household meal plans.


Appealing packaging for food

“Convenience” is the word commonly used today when the meal comes to the table so quickly and deliciously as the dishes from SIMON.

Our radio spot

A delight for the ear

Have you tried this?

Serving suggestion


Serving suggestion for Peppers in aspic

Simply serve our hearty Peppers in Aspic in half a pepper and finish it off with a couple of whole

Serving suggestion for brawn in aspic

As a side to our classic aspic, we recommend tasty fried potatoes with caramelised onions and home-made rémoulade.

We are proud of this

Top Marke Award

Quality has a name. That’s right — “SIMON”.

We have firmly established our name on the market through the high standards we have set for our products and the related quality, and our success is reflected in a number of awards. Naturally, we do not want them to be the last ones!